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This is our boutique level service that is designed to have you dominating your entire market with zero effort on your part. Do not even ask about this service if you can't afford a minimum of $5,000 per month.

We only accept one client per market for this service.


Local Marketing

Targeting people that live near your location? Our local service gives you just that.

Focusing on placement on the best websites that your prospects are using from their mobile phones and their homes, you WILL reach more people quick.


Reputation Management

Some internet troll trying to destroy your business? We can fix that faster than anyone else can. We specialize in removing lies about you from Google.

This is not some cheap service and should only be considered by those that are losing money every day.


Direct Response Design

Our design team has received numerous awards for his previous work. He's designed sites that have launched to well over a million dollars in sales in a few short days.

Again, this is not some cheap service. Please do not ask about this if you don't have a sizable budget.



Getting traffic, but zero sales? Our conversion repair service will take care of that problem for you. We'll figure out what is causing the issue and fix it for you fast.

Even if you're getting a ton of traffic, it does nothing for you if they aren't buying. We can take care of it!


Corporate Training

Ross Goldberg and Erik Stafford are the ultimate team for marketing and conversion. We will train your staff and they will get you results now!

Ross and Erik will train your team. Get real results from your current staff without needing to rehire!

About Diamond SEO

Diamond SEO is the premier marketing service online. Years of experience combined with absolutely ridiculous results in less time than any other company gives us the ability to get you what you need when you need it.

Ross Goldberg, CEO of Diamond SEO, began his online journey from a wheelchair, spending every waking moment learning about how to reach customers on the internet. His skills surpass any other marketing professional because he does one thing they don't: WORK. Ross spends his time in the trenches to figure out secret strategies that he will happily apply for your business to get you results you could never achieve on your own.

Erik Stafford, President of Diamond SEO, is an award winning direct response web designer. He has worked on numerous million dollar product launches. Erik creates results that no other can due to his ability to see into the minds of your prospects and provide you with a professional look that attracts eyeballs to the exact locations they need to be.

You will get measurable results and a lot more money by working with Diamond SEO.


Our results speak for themselves. We won't waste your time (or ours) in pitching you.

There is a huge demand for our services, and so we ask that you not contact us unless you have a (minimum) budget of $5,000 per month.

Thank you,

Ross Goldberg, CEO
Diamond SEO

1 - 800 - 274 - 5815

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